Back to School Theme Supplies Retailers with Grade ‘A’ Sales

As the hot days of summer continue to push toward fall, we’re approaching that special time of year that spells relief for bored kids and worn out parents everywhere. It’s almost time to go back to school.

There’s no doubt retailers are already stocking up for the magical month when kids and their parents take to the aisles for the latest fashions and school supplies. But what makes some retailers better prepared and more successful than others during this annual high traffic retail sales period?

Atmosphere is number one for a successful Back to School sales period. It is important that your store’s theme reflect the anticipation and excitement of the customers you’re reaching out to. With an increasing number of retailers vying for customers, it is now more important than ever for store owners to go the extra mile with all promotions, including Back to School. Here are a few tips that will help retailers get creative in their Back to School promotions:

Make it Easy to Find: Put school supplies section in a prominent area of the store, preferably in front, and use signs to point it out. Often times stores will reserve a back corner of the store for the seasonal merchandise surrounded by camping necessities and auto supplies. Seasonal merchandise can account for considerable sales numbers if retailers make it easy to find.

Show some School Spirit: Decorate the Back to School section with bright colors and decorations. Remember, Back to School is a time filled with excitement and anticipation. And kids love shopping for new clothes and school supplies. Encourage their high spirits with your theme and décor.

Make them Choose You: Use a unique promotion to draw Back to School shoppers to your store, like a drawing for the latest video game system or a bunch of new toys. You can advertise this promotion and if it is clever enough, you may even be able to secure some publicity. As with all common sales promotion periods, it is important to find something that will set you apart from your competitors in your Back to School period marketing efforts. A minimal investment could help you stand out among the competition, while relying on the event itself to boost sales volume without any effort from the retailer could be a costly mistake.